ARCHIVE: Development of an EU Animal Health Strategy

1 February 2010 - EU consultation on administrative burden, administrative costs and compliance costs related to current Animal Health Legislation and the new possible elements of the Animal Health Law. Further information is available on the EU website (note that several Questionnaires are listed – please take care to ensure you select the correct one). The consultation closes on 15 March 2010.

In 2004 European Commissioner Kyprianou announced that an EU animal health strategy would be established. To take this forward the Commission employed external consultants to conduct an evaluation of EU animal health policy from 1995 - 2004 and to make recommendations for future policy direction. The final report was published in summer 2006 for public consultation.

Based on the consultation, including the output of an EU stakeholder conference, the Commission published a Communication setting out the EU's Animal Health Strategy for 2007-2013 (256 KB) on 19 September 2007. The Council and the Parliament are expected to adopt their positions on the Communication by the end of 2007 and we will be working closely with the Commission and Presidency over the next few months. We would welcome comments from stakeholders on the Strategy or on the accompanying Impact Assessment.

Comments can be sent to:

Roy Norton
Animal health & Welfare Strategy Unit
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