ARCHIVE: Action plan: Developing organic food and farming in England

The Action Plan to develop organic food and farming in England, published in 2002, and the “two years on” document, published in 2004, sets out a series of practical measures that the industry, multiple retailers, consumers, certifying bodies and Government can take to encourage the stable, strategic and long term sustainable growth of the organic market in England.

Recent developments

Since the Action Plan’s  launch in 2002, delivery of the plan and strategic advice on development of the organic sector has been overseen by the Organic Action Plan Steering Group. The Steering Group recently carried out a Review of its activities in order to:

  • take stock of what had been achieved so far
  • investigate what new structures needed to be put in place to ensure the  continued development of the organic sector in line with  Action plan targets
  • align its activities to better fit within the governance arrangements for the sustainable farming and food strategy so that the future development of the organic  sector will now take place within the context of this wider strategy: sustainable farming and food strategy

The Review also included a commitment for the Steering Group to provide strategic direction on the contribution organic food and farming could make in the following key areas of the Departments work.

Since the review was carried out, the Group has been looking at a number of headline issues stemming from key SFF and organic priority areas.  Scoping papers addressing these areas are now available below.  The attached papers are Action Plan papers and not Defra policy papers and as such set out to summarise the collective view of Steering Group members concerning what more Government might do on these issues.

The Group is also examining the following priority areas for further development:

Minutes of meetings
Vision for the future of farming

David Milliband’s speech at the Royal Show on 3 July 2006 outlined a vision for the future of farming and recognised the role of the organic farming and food had in delivering it.

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Page published: 26 November 2003