ARCHIVE: Producer Organisations

Producer Organisations (POs) are established under the CFP to enable groups of fishermen to market the fish they catch. In 1985 POs were given the opportunity to manage allocations of some whitefish stocks subject to TAC restrictions in the North Sea (Area IV) and West of Scotland (Area VI). In 1991 this opportunity was extended to TAC whitefish stocks in the English Channel and Western waters (Area VII).

Since 1995, POs wishing to manage quota allocations for whitefish stocks in Areas IV, VI and VII have been required to do so for all such stocks; a similar requirement for pelagic stocks was introduced in 1999. Allowing POs to take on this management responsibility enables them to plan their uptake of their particular allocations to optimise the benefit to their members. There are currently 21 POs in the UK of which 9 are based in England, 9 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland and 1 in Wales.

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