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ARCHIVE: Fish farming and health

Fish farmThere are over 1000 fish and shellfish farming businesses in the UK operating on 1500 sites directly employing more than 3000 people.

The main finfish species farmed are salmon (139,000 tonnes mainly in Scotland) and rainbow trout (16,000 tonnes) (2001 figures). There is also limited production of other species, such as carp and brown trout, and new species to aquaculture such as turbot, halibut, cod and Arctic char have produced encouraging results.

Molluscan shellfish production was around 25,000 tonnes in 2001. Mussels are the main species produced, with oysters and clams also farmed. Trials on scallop farming have proved to be successful.

Considerable funds have been spent by the Government on aquaculture research, particularly on work to control disease. In addition, joint sponsorship of research by Government, industry and other organisations is being undertaken through the Committee for Aquaculture Research and Development to promote the sustainable development of the industry, including the evaluation of alternative species for cultivation.

As part of the evidence and innovation strategy programme, a statement of needs relating to sustainable aquaculture production has been published.

Page last modified: 13 November 2008