ARCHIVE: Bovine TB: Statistics

What is the incidence of bovine TB (bTB) in Great Britain?

The Government strategic framework for the sustainable control of bovine tuberculosis for Great Britain is structured around 12 strategic goals. One of these goals, focused on effective cattle surveillance and control of bTB, states that "surveillance information is published regularly and is up to date".

The Strategic Framework also contains the commitment to "improve availability of information on bTB; raise awareness and understanding of bTB issues amongst all stakeholders."

In line with this, we publish provisional monthly reports detailing the latest bTB statistics for Great Britain. These statistics, amongst others, are accessible through the links below:

Statement by the Chief Veterinary Officer – 10 August 2006

In August 2006, the Chief Veterinary Officer issued a report (PDF 317KB) on the reduction in the number of new TB incidents in Great Britain in early 2006.

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