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ARCHIVE: June Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture

UK National Statistics Quality Mark

Land Use, Livestock and Labour on Agricultural Holdings

This annual survey collects detailed information on arable and horticultural cropping activities, land usage, livestock populations and labour force figures. This is a compulsory survey conducted under EU legislation and helps provide hard evidence on the condition of the agricultural industry.

Latest releases

England crop areas/livestock numbers - published 9 December 2010

Agricultural workforce in England - published 9 December 2010

England timeseries: 1983-2010 *new in December 2010

UK crop areas/livestock numbers 2010 - published 16 December 2010

Geographic breakdown

England: Please see our Detailed Results & Datasets webpage

Scotland: Please see the Scottish Government June Survey webpage

Wales: Please see the Welsh Assembly statistics webpage

Northern Ireland: Please see the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland statistical press release webpage

Next release date

March 2011: 2010 results broken down in to local area statistics

All Defra pre-announced future release dates are available on the UK Statistics Authority release calendar

Data uses

The survey data has many uses, from assisting with animal disease control processes to providing information which is used for management of the EU cereals markets. It is also used heavily by environmental policy makers who assess the impact of CAP reform on the agricultural industry and the landscape.  As it is such a large survey, the data can be used to provide low level statistics i.e. at county level, which makes it a powerful tool for researchers and anyone interested in local features.

All national statistics published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are produced according to the UK Statistics Authority guidelines.

Further information

For more information about the survey, please e-mail: or telephone:++44 (0)1904 455332

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Page published: 18 March, 2010

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