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Resource recovery and recycling of materials from waste streams

Ferrous metal

Ferrous scrap is derived from both domestic sources and from industrial and commercial sources. Most ferrous metal in the household (dustbin) waste stream is in the form of food, pet food and beverage cans. Other domestic sources of ferrous scrap are scrapped vehicles, "white goods" (washing machines, refrigerators, cookers, freezers etc) and "brown goods" (all non-white household items, for example televisions and video players). Although the exact amount of ferrous scrap from these sources is not known, Table 14 shows the total amount of ferrous scrap collected and recycled in the UK from industrial, commercial and household sources. More ferrous metal is recovered and recycled in the UK than all the other materials combined.

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14 Weight of ferrous scrap recovered and amount of post-use scrap recycled as a proportion of consumption: 1984-1998
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