ARCHIVE: Work plan: economics of sustainable development


The Government Economic Service has established an interdepartmental working group on Sustainable Development. The Group, which is chaired by Defra Chief Economist Richard Price, is tasked to investigate how government takes account of sustainable development principles in policy making and whether there are steps that could be taken to make sustainability a more rigorous, useful and consistently applied concept in developing and appraising policy options.

Work plan

Our work fits into a number of stages: Firstly we will be undertaking a review of existing practice to define the scope of what we need to do additionally. If new guidance is necessary, we will produce this in a second phase. Longer term we will communicate this guidance and ensure it is properly implemented, and review the guidance periodically to ensure it continues to be a useful aid to decision makers.

Working Group meetings Date Action
1 1 October Discuss and agree ToR and the timeline and future plan of action. Agree approach on sustainability interpretation and literature review
  Autumn 08 First phase of work:
  • Literature review commissioned.
2 Winter 08-09 Discussion of first phase:
  • Discuss findings of literature review
  • Identify approaches or concepts which need further development and formulate further programme of work
3 Spring 09 Conclusions on implementation approaches
4 Summer 09 Produce guidance for policy makers on how to appraise the sustainability of policies, to better inform decision making
5 Further ahead Refine guidance, assure its correct application across Government, evaluate success.

Page last modified: 16 April 2009
Page published: 16 April 2009