ARCHIVE: Key papers: economics of sustainable development

Interim report

The Interim Report of the Review of the Economics of Sustainable Development is now available. The Review proposes a working definition of sustainable development. It also identifies considerations that policymakers need to understand when assessing whether an individual project or policy is consistent with the Government’s framework on sustainable development.  The report was published on 15 October 2009 (and an updated bibliography was included in November 2009). 

Literature review

We have commissioned a study of existing literature and practice by Giles Atkinson, a leading expert in Sustainable Development at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and Environment at the London School of Economics. This review distils, synthesises and critiques existing literature and practice and makes recommendations on frameworks for analysing SD. A peer review of this paper will follow and be published here in autumn 2009.

Speeches and presentations

External documents on sustainability and appraisal

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