ARCHIVE: Nanotechnology: Research Strategy Group

The Nanotechnology Research Strategy Group (NRSG) formerly the  Nanotechnology Research Coordination Group (NRCG) was renamed following a reorganisation of the group’s research priorities in December 2009. The group was set up to overseee publicly funded research into the potential risks presented by the products and applications of nanotechnologies. Defra chairs the NRSG and the membership includes Government Departments, Regulatory Agencies and the Research Councils.

The Government published a second research report Characterising the Potential Risks posed by Engineered Nanoparticles in 2007. The report built on the 2005 report and 2006 progress report, providing an update on the Defra's former Nanotechnology Research Co-ordination Group’s objectives and associated programme of work.

Future research priorities for the Nanotechnology Research Strategy Group have been explored and are highlighted in the UK Nanotechnologies Strategy: Small Technologies, Great Opportunities

Nanotechnologies Stakeholder Forum

There is ongoing stakeholder involvement in the work of the NRSG to ensure an inclusive and transparent programme of research. This is centred around Defra’s Nanotechnologies Stakeholder Forum.

Defra's Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances and other Government scientific advisory committees will also be involved in considering and informing the work of the NRSG.

All findings from current and future research will be subject to independent peer review and be made publicly available.

For further information the NRSG Secretariat can be  contacted at:

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Page published: 21 October 2005