Soil is a fundamental and irreplaceable natural resource, providing the essential link between the components that make up our environment.

Functions, threats, policy

Soil Strategy for England
Background, Advisory Forum, progress

EU Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection
Background, UK perspective

Research and monitoring
Monitoring, indicators, access to soils information

Soils in the built environment
Background, pressures and opportunities, planning, construction, evidence base

Policy, functions, threats, Peat Partnership Project

Education and awareness
Audit of education and awareness initiatives, marketing

Further information
Publications, frequently asked questions, links, contact

Defra Soil Protection Review Changes: Informal Consultation

  • New Soil Strategy for England – Defra publishes a new strategy covering a range of sectors including agriculture, land management, planning and construction and setting out an ambitious vision to improve the sustainable management of soil and tackle degradation within 20 years.  
  • Environmental Standards for Farming - Consultation on proposed changes to standards in cross compliance Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) and related measures in England. The deadline for responses to this consultation was 27 May 2009.

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