ARCHIVE: What’s Government doing?

Government has published an Ecosystems approach action plan which shows how we are embedding ecosystems thinking into policy-making and delivery on the natural environment.

Latest News

An update on the Ecosystems approach action plan, showing how Government has made progress against the plan is now available:

The Ecosystems approach action plan

The action plan (PDF 490KB) sets out a strategic approach to policy and delivery on the natural environment. It sets out a number of actions to enable Defra, key partners and stakeholders to work together in applying an ecosystem approach to conserving, managing and enhancing the natural environment in England. These actions are based on a number of core principles:

  • taking a more holistic approach to policy-making and delivery, with the focus on maintaining healthy ecosystems and ecosystem services
  • ensuring that the value of ecosystem services is fully reflected in decision-making
  • ensuring environmental limits are respected in the context of sustainable development, taking into account ecosystem functioning
  • taking decisions at the appropriate spatial scale while recognising the cumulative impacts of decisions
  • applying adaptive management of the natural environment to respond to changing pressures, including climate change.

Priority areas for action

The action plan identifies a number of clear priority areas for action that will be fundamental to our success and to securing wider engagement at the national, regional and local levels.  The main priorities are:

  1. promoting joined-up working within Defra and the Defra network to deliver
  2. identifying opportunities for mainstreaming an ecosystems approach
  3. using case studies that demonstrate the benefits of taking an ecosystems approach
  4. developing ways of valuing ecosystem services
  5. developing a robust evidence base

Monitoring and evaluation

Defra and the Defra network will work together with our partners in taking forward the actions identified in this plan. The latest update (PDF 72KB) on progress towards the delivery of all the actions is available.

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Page published: 11 December 2009