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ARCHIVE: Groundwater flooding risk management

The Making space for water highlighted a need for a national co-ordination of groundwater flooding risk management. It has been recognised that groundwater can affect both urban and rural areas and it is necessary that both of these are considered.

From Spring 2006 the Environment Agency took on a strategic overview role for monitoring groundwater flooding, although the extent of this overview is being determined through further consultation work with key stakeholders. Information is a key aspect of this project and as such the Environment Agency is researching into the scale of risk from various types of groundwater flooding and options for recording the information.

A project detailing work on groundwater flooding, through identifying data sources and monitoring activities and suggesting risk assessments was undertaken.

Project Outputs

Final Report
Chalk Aquifers
Other Aquifers

Page last modified: 28 March 2008
Page published: 2 October 2006