ARCHIVE: Environmental information regulations code of practice

Regulation 16 of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) provides for the issue of a Code of Practice by the Secretary of State. The Code of Practice was laid in Parliament on 16 February 2005, and provides public authorities with advice to help them carry out their duties under the EIRs.

The Code supplements the provisions of the EIRs and is not a substitute for the legislation.

The aims of the Code are:

  • to facilitate the disclosure of information under the EIRs by setting out good administrative practice that it is desirable for public authorities to follow when handling requests for information including, where appropriate, the transfer of a request to a different authority;
  • to set out good practice in proactive dissemination of environmental information;
  • to protect the interests of applicants by setting out standards of advice and assistance that should be followed as a matter of good practice;
  • to ensure that third-party rights are considered and that authorities consider the implications for access to environmental information before agreeing to confidentiality provisions in contracts and accepting information in confidence from a third party; and
  • to encourage, as a matter of good practice, the development of effective review and appeal procedures of decisions taken under the EIRs.

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Page published: 2 July 2010