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Wider Environmental and Sustainable Development Impact Tests

The Wider Environmental and Sustainable Development Impact Tests are designed to help Government Departments in their Policy Appraisal, for example in completing Business Cases and Impact Assessments.

This material explains to policy officials what they need to do to identify the Wider Environmental and Sustainable Development impacts of their policy options and provides guidance on how to assess those impacts.

Information from the Wider Environmental Test feeds into the Sustainable Development Test so, after reading through both, it may make sense to tackle the Wider Environmental Test first.

The Wider Environmental test covers all environmental impacts except for changes in greenhouse gases which are covered in a separate test.

Refer to the Impact Assessment Guidance and Toolkit (on the BIS website) for more details on the other impact tests and for other general guidance around completing Impact Assessments.

The Green Book (on the HMT website) provides underpinning guidance for all policy appraisal. HM Treasury also provides resources and guidance for the completion of Business Cases.

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