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ARCHIVE: Chief veterinary officer (CVO) biography for Nigel Gibbens

Born 1 March 1958. Qualified as a veterinary surgeon from London University in 1981. Spent three years in mixed (companion and farmed animal) veterinary practice in Derbyshire before training for a masters degree in tropical veterinary medicine at Edinburgh University.

Worked in government veterinary services in Belize (3 years – import controls, clinical work and supervision of exporting abattoir) and Yemen (2 years – rinderpest and sheep and goat pox eradication campaigns and clinical work).

In December 1990 joined the UK state veterinary service as a field veterinary officer dealing with animal health and welfare. Lead role on international trade and exotic disease contingency planning. Member of national exotic disease epidemiology team.

Moved to the central animal health policy group in 1996 and worked on international trade for 8 years, followed by TSE research, surveillance and controls, animal welfare and, most recently, international relations coordination for Defra’s food and farming group.

Nigel is married with no kids. He enjoys cycling, running and walking and spends a lot of his spare time gardening and fixing the house!

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